The Combat System

The UCS Combat System delivers a complete system of dynamic combat techniques known as The Machine, coupled with strategy and psychology (an essential part of any effective combat system).

Delivered in a structure specifically designed to quickly create the motor skills required to deal with any situation – The Machine equips you with this ability – this is not just self-defence, this is reality – this could be about dealing with a life or death situation making sure that you survive in battle wherever that may be… whatever training you have had so far we can guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before.

Fear, panic, & tunnel vision

Panic, fear totally out of control – This is how you feel when you are attacked either by one person or a gang who are more than likely carrying weapons of some sort. The speed and the power in every direction all in a split second is all you will remember, if you were lucky enough to survive…

…or you’re in the hands of the terrorist and he has a gun stuck in your face and you have just witnessed your friend being shot in the head, could you have prevented this? What steps could you have taken that may have saved his life as well as your own? Could you control your mounting fear and total panic? In effect could you survive?