About UCS

If you are genuinely serious about learning a formidable self-defence combat system then please take the time to read the whole website – it doesn’t matter whether you have been involved in any other form of self-defence system or not, either way, we know the UCS system is second to none.

UCS Defence is a British organisation (founded by John Urwin) that can deliver a complete and totally unique training package to you as an individual.

UCS can also deliver a service to the armed forces, intelligence services, law enforcement agencies and close protection security companies.

The ‘UCS Combat System’, is a science based solution for winning in close combat/survival situations. It enables the operative to defend against any form of attack, using the core motor skills of, The Machine, part of the UCS Combat System. John learnt these skills, amongst many others, whilst on active service in the army as part of a covert group known as ‘The Sixteen’.

The Machine is a small set of motor skill movements that are repeated within every technique involved in the system. These moves have been designed so that any form of armed or unarmed attack can be dealt with effectively, including multiple attacks.

The Machine also enables access to an opponent’s personal weapons, without deviating from the original movement. If appropriate you will be able to produce your own weapon again within the same movements, whilst dealing with one or more assailants.